Satellite Wellbound Dialysis. Dialysis training. Dialysis classes. Dialysis nurse training.Our home therapy expert staff tailors dialysis treatments to individual needs.

  • Individualized Care. Specialty-certified nurses personally train each patient to perform their own treatments at home.
  • Talk to a Real Person Any Time. WellBound gives patients and their families the peace of mind that they can ask for help no matter when.
  • Better LIFE™ Wellness Education. WellBound offers a range of free Better LIFE™ Wellness Education classes to pre-dialysis CKD patients and their families.

Dialysis Training and Dialysis Classes with Satellite WellBound Dialysis.FREE Better LIFE Wellness Classes

Learn to manage your Chronic Kidney Disease and live a better life

At WellBound, we believe you should be in charge of your health and wellness.

We offer a complete program of FREE kidney wellness education classes that include your Options For Therapy. At our centers, you and your care partners will learn everything necessary to help support YOU.

To sign-up for our Options Class and any of our FREE Better LIFE™ WellBound Kidney Education Classes, contact the center nearest you for class schedules and times.

FREE Better LIFE™ WellBound Kidney Education Classes

  • Nutrition: Eating Right for Kidney Health
  • Exercise: A Guide for People with CKD
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: What it is and How You Can Manage it
  • Transplantation: Is it right for you?
  • The Stress of CKD: Getting the Upper Hand
  • Control your Blood Pressure
  • Heart Health for CKD
  • Diabetes: How to Manage this Common Disease
  • Cardiovascular Disease: Reduce your Risk
  • Cost: How do You Pay for Dialysis?