Home dialysis patients live longer, enjoy better outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare. That is why Satellite Healthcare created Satellite WellBound, the first healthcare services company to focus on individualized self-care training for home dialysis patients as well as on expert pre-dialysis patient wellness education.

Satellite WellBound Centers are staffed with highly qualified physician partners and certified nephrology nurses who educate and support patients who perform their own dialysis treatments at home. In fact, the percentage of Satellite patients self-dialyzing at home is three times higher than with other providers. WellBound Centers support the full spectrum of home treatments and provide 24/7 availability to patients and their families.

WellBound also offers free comprehensive Better LIFE™ Wellness Education classes to pre-dialysis CKD patients and their families. The information presented in these classes focuses on how patients can slow the progression of their kidney disease, delay their need for dialysis, and, if the need arises, smooth the transition to dialysis. This emphasis on CKD health literacy results in more engaged patients who are more proactive in managing their health.

For more information, contact WellBound@SatelliteHealth.com.

Satellite WellBound Leads the Industry in Home Dialysis and Pre-Dialysis Patient Education